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Since the artist has a heavy workload and is starting college, the comic will be on break for a week or two before the second chapter begins. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Orange Revolution forum and let us know any comments or critiques you have to say about the comic. We'd really appreciate it!

Contest of the Month: The first chapter is done and all that, sp we're doing a fun little caption contest! Whoever makes the most amusing entries will get to request artwork from DU! There are three weeks to do it, so the winners will be announced on February 12th! Click here for more info!

Noose of the Week: I finally got around to making an About page! Woot! It has various things on it that may be of interest.

Extra of the Week: Happy Can doodle

Link of the Week: Breakdown - From the creator of Gunmetal Annie. It's a fantasy adventure with an angry guy and a talking cat. May contain ghosts!

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